Anna Netrebko announced the cancellation of concerts due to illness

Анна Нетребко объявила об отмене концертов из-за болезни Opera diva temporarily refused to go on stage. Anna Netrebko announced that for health reasons can’t sing. Performances by a singer in Vienna on 4 September will not take place. The star of the world stage said this in his microblog.

Opera singer Anna Netrebko with great regret, told his fans about the cancellation of the concert on 4 September. Earlier it was planned that on this day, she will perform at one of the sites of the Austrian capital. The reason is in a bad mood stars of a world Opera scene, which she announced on his page in Instagram.

Anna Netrebko had a cold and therefore forced to take a break in a few days, to restore health and reclaim your great voice.

“Dear friends, I’m sorry, but I caught a cold, and she had to cancel my first gig in Vienna at the Troubadour September 4th. I hate cancellations of performances and do not like to disappoint their fans, but now I need to take care of themselves. I can’t wait when I’ll sing for you,” wrote Anna Netrebko in the microblog.

Fans of the singer not a little excited by the news about her health. They suggested that cold Anna Netrebko could the day before, speaking with her husband Yusif Eyvazov in the open area in Berlin, where it was quite cold.

In the comments they wish the singer a speedy recovery and return to the stage, and asked her to agree to sing in the open air.

“Nothing surprising. In Berlin was beastly cold. They would spend hours singing. I find it terrible for implementers the voice must be protected. Yes, even the thinnest dresses. Get well and don’t risk anymore. Only the theater, no open areas”, “get Well! You cannot afford to get sick. Grieve not us. Today I go to Church, put candles for health you. Together we are strong”, “get Well, Anna, favorite next, and it helps better than any medication”, “get Well! The audience will understand, because I really love you,” was supported by Anna Netrebko’s admirers of her talent.

Recently, the singer lives in a very busy schedule, she is involved with several projects. Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov are preparing for a big concert that will be held in Moscow on 7 February 2018 at the Tchaikovsky Concert hall. And before that, the couple needs to present a collaborative album Romanza, which was attended by Igor Krutoy. The release is scheduled for autumn. “We now have the best, most eventful years, and as it would be desirable sometimes to relax, I think: “it is still a little work to do, and then after a couple years it will be possible to relax now,” admitted Anna Netrebko in a recent interview.