Anna Mikhalkova scolds himself for the austerity with children

Анна Михалкова ругает себя за строгость с детьми The actress admitted that overly controlling heirs. Sometimes a star even blames herself for this attention to Sergei and Andrei. Like any mother, she understands that in 15-16 years old guys don’t want to completely follow all its recommendations.

      The theater and film actress Anna Mikhalkova is proud of her grown-up sons. The boys become heroes microblog mother, collecting compliments from her followers. 16-year-old Andrew and 15-year-old Sergei often visited with relatives social events. The eldest heir has captured the attention of photographers at the premiere of “Icebreaker”.

      Mikhalkov admits that she is very worried for the children because at that age boys become rather independent, they have their own point of view, which is difficult to change. Sometimes the star seems that she makes mistakes in dealing with his sons.

      “I love them! But sometimes I just want them to break! I myself have tired of the sound of his voice, which is constantly only teaches, reprimands, admonishes, advises, and controls,” admitted the actress on the page in a social network, uploading a picture with their favorite sons.

      Subscribers actress decided to share with Mikhalkova their stories and gave advice. “All right! Mother buzz, children not listening! But most importantly – family. If it is decent, and the children grow up, as a rule, decent!”, “To teach is all moms, especially at this age”, “It’s their tone! You only think so, teach, and they probably already can’t live without it!” – wrote followers.

      Anna pays a lot of attention to the education of children, as heirs stand to her in the first place, and then the work is going. Boys do well in school once I ended a famous actress. Mikhalkov is interested in assessments of children, and also communicates with other parents. According to the woman, she was pleased when she hears about Sergei and Andrei good reviews.

      As recognized by Mikhalkov, in a circle of friends she does not need to recognize. House, Anna – wife and mother, as her husband and children that matters, not the number of awards, and the care and attention.