Анна Михалкова перестала скрывать лицо пятилетней дочери Anna Mikhalkova, and many Russian celebrities, for a long time concealed the child’s face. Declassified baby Lida youngest heir to the clan Mikhalkov — Hope. The actress has posted a video that has pleased fans of the legendary family.
Анна Михалкова перестала скрывать лицо пятилетней дочери

Anna Mikhalkova together with her husband, businessman Albert Bakov, has three children — Sergei and Andrei, and daughter, Lydia. The senior heirs of the actress for 18 years, but the girl was only five years. For a long time heir loud the names of concealed the girl’s face from prying eyes. However, as usual the Russian celebrities.

“Framed” sister Nadezhda Mikhalkova, which also hid the children from the paparazzi and publish their photos in social networks. The youngest daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov published a short video that captures Anna and little Lida, dressed in a pink dress.

Анна Михалкова перестала скрывать лицо пятилетней дочери

Now a large family of Mikhalkov – Anna with her daughter Lida, Hope with children Vanya and Nina went to rest. The sisters are happy to share photos from your vacation, while trying not to specify geolocation. “Taking over the watch. From the plane once on a picnic with the kids. It easy” — ironically Anna , accompanied by post with the hashtag “I know how to raise monsters.”

However, Mikhalkov has admitted that it is willing to endure much for the sake of the child.

“We went to the water Park. Everything I love: heat, an hour in the queue, concrete, chlorine, no free sunbeds, chips, beer. But when Lida told me that this is the best day in her life, I thought, let these days she will be as much as possible, and in mine, too!” — admitted the actress.
Анна Михалкова перестала скрывать лицо пятилетней дочери

Apparently, the older children of Anna not gone to rest with her mother, sister and aunt. Now he enters the University. The young man seems to want to connect his life with the economic sphere and considers three of the best University in the country — higher school of Economics, MGIMO and MGU.