Anna Mikhalkov ventured to show the photo without makeup

Анна Михалкова рискнула показать фото без макияжа
The actress does not suffer from complexes about appearance.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Mikhalkova in the morning-early, decided to share their joy with the fans. It turns out that the actress had a very pleasant dream, and she captured yourself in this kind of self-camera.

“I had happiness, she wrote in a personal blog. Eyes will not open. Yes, the photo without stacking and without makeup. Yeah, I think I can!”

The last phrase, apparently, was the advance answer to all the detractors, which are usually better than the stars themselves know what they can do, what not, how to look and how to look.

Surprisingly, under this picture there is not one negative comment! On the contrary, followers of Anna write that she looks very pretty in a natural way and that is not a cosmetic paint a woman and happiness.

“Splendid! Beautiful! Darling!” — such epithets awarded fans of Anna.

A few years ago, after the birth of a daughter, Anna Mikhalkov lost a lot of weight. Then it abruptly began to look younger than your age. Atris began to experiment with style in clothes, which delighted even the most evil fashion critics. Now, despite the fact that the extra pounds back, Mikhalkov does not seek to model appearance. She’s like a smart woman knows that happiness is not in the volume. And working, contrary to popular belief, this is not a hindrance. And the role of Anna in the movie prove it. One of her latest works in the film “About love. Adults only”, where Mikhalkov has played a teacher who under the influence of drugs almost joined the Swingers club, it’s just a song. Nobody expected to see Anna in such a way. And it so accurately and skillfully brought this story to life!