Anna Mikhalkov lost 15 pounds!

Анна Михалкова похудела на 15 килограммов!
The actress was unrecognizable.

Анна Михалкова похудела на 15 килограммов!

Anna Mikhalkov with his sons at “Kinotavr-2018”

Photo: Instagram

Anna Mikhalkov at “Kinotavr-2016”

Photo: Instagram

Anna Mikhalkova, who recently turned
For 44 years, made a splash at a party “Kinotavr”,
passing in these days in Sochi. Recently, the actress joked, saying that if she
will be able to lose weight, “go heels and stockpiled short dresses”.

Probably soon we will see a wonderful
the actress in these clothes, because thin Anna is simply phenomenal! Her
managed to lose about 15 pounds.

In such splendid form Mikhalkov brought
yourself with your daily run and a specially selected diet. Us steel
known details of the diet of Anna.

high-calorie foods should be consumed in the morning. For Breakfast
Mikhalkov was eating porridge on the water without sugar with prunes and dried apricots, 50 g
chicken fillet with herbs and tomatoes and a glass of natural yogurt. For lunch
allowed the soup on low-fat broth, roasted meat or fish, boiled eggs,
salads of fresh vegetables. But after 15.00 food should be easy.
Mikhalkov preferred a salad of cucumber and greens with sweet tomatoes
peppers on the grill, skim kefir. The serving size should not exceed 150 grams.
Of yogurt you can drink a little more than 200 milliliters.

The Colonel made once in
a week fruit cleanse. Her favorite is pineapple and grapefruit. For
day should eat 300 grams of the pulp of fresh pineapple, drink green tea without
sugar, fresh vegetable juice (300 ml) and unlimited
the amount of water. Next week you can arrange a grapefruit a day. It
based on the consumption of this citrus fruit (3-4 pieces) and clean, not
mineral water. Out of the diet must be carefully, gradually adding to
diet new products (cottage cheese, omelets, casseroles, vegetables).