Анна Михалкова впервые показала 5-летнюю дочь
The actress was introduced Lydia to the public.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Anna Mikhalkova this year will be 5 years, but until today no one has seen her face. The actress decided to introduce Lydia to the public in “stories” a personal blog of his sister Hope. Sisters with children are now on vacation on the Mediterranean sea.

Their sons Mikhalkov showed the audience more than once. Fans of star dynasty I wonder how much her sons like his famous grandfather, Nikita Mikhalkov. And Lydia has inherited the beauty of his grandmother, Tatyana Mikhalkova. As you know, in her youth she was a real beauty and leading model of Fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

By the way, older than Anna herself, the more it becomes similar to his mother in his youth. After birth leads Mikhalkov is actively engaged in its appearance. She managed to lose a few dozen pounds, and her style engaged the best professionals of the capital.

By the way, Anna had never really liked to talk about his personal life to the public. Even that she became a mother for the third time, fans learned from Nikita. But no one even suspected that Mikhalkov was pregnant!

Now everything has changed. Thanks to your blog Instagram fans will learn about Hannah a lot and personal. For example, recently she shared the “grief” that was in high school three times already. And she has two more!

“First time for me, second time with Nadia, and the third with Andrew, next year with Sergei. Thanks though Lida will give a break!” she wrote in a personal blog.