Anna Mikhalkov congratulated touching son

Анна Михалкова трогательно поздравила сына The eldest heir of the actress was sixteen years old. Anna Mikhalkova adores Andrew. She confesses that the son is everything that can dream of any mother. Greetings in his microblog star publishes every year.

      Анна Михалкова трогательно поздравила сына

      Anna Mikhalkova is the mother of many children. Three of the heirs – the true happiness for the star. The oldest of them was 16 years old. Every year Anna publishes a touching message on his page on Instagram dedicated to her son. This time Andrew has received such compliments from her mother, which penetrate into the heart.

      “16 years old… What can I say… I’m jealous of myself. In you is everything that can dream of any mother. I’m proud of you. I love you. I believe that if there’s one thing I could do in this life is important, so it’s given birth to such beautiful children,” wrote Anna.

      It is noteworthy that Mikhalkov often publishes photos of Andrew in his microblog, and every time her fans are that boy crazy like his grandfather, father of Anna, Nikita Mikhalkov.

      Interestingly, exactly a year ago in a traditional greeting of the son of Anna put the share of humor, hoping that before the end of the school Andrew was not married. This suggests that the young man, apparently, now has great success with the beautiful half of humanity.

      “For 15 years this man is ruining my nervous system, on any occasion expressed an opinion and fights for her independence as the leader of the rebel movement! – wrote Mikhalkov. – Andrew, you were born already a grown man! You can always rely on and you’re always interesting! We are very proud of you! Your humor, your truth, your openness to the world is all that I can only admire! We love you very much, happy birthday ! PS I hope before graduation don’t you get married”.

      Recall, Anna has more middle son and youngest daughter Lydia. In the autumn the girl will be three years. By the way, her birth was a surprise not only for fans Mikhalkova, but also for her family. Even the mother of actress Tatiana Mikhalkov did not realize until a certain time of pregnancy of the daughter.

      After the birth Anna Mikhalkov lost a lot of weight and still remain in great shape. But of how to grow a daughter Lida, star talks rarely and reluctantly. Only recently it was reported that the girl loves books – look at pictures and listen to the stories that adults read to her.

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