Anna Mikhalkov complained about the character of the heiress

Анна Михалкова пожаловалась на особенности характера наследницы The famous actress spoke about the education of children. In recognition of Anna Mikhalkova, her heiress Lydia needs no noisy celebrations on the occasion of birthday. The actress said that she feels comfortable alone.
Анна Михалкова пожаловалась на особенности характера наследницы

Actress Anna Mikhalkov – mother of many children. For a long time, the celebrity is happy in marriage with businessman albert Bakov. The couple raise their two sons, Andrei and Sergei, and the youngest daughter Lydia.

Recently, Anna has decided to share some thoughts on the education of the younger generation. The reason for the reasoning Mikhalkova was the celebration of the charming Lydia. The artist came to the conclusion that the celebrations need parents, not children. According to the actress, her older sons who were born with the difference of a year and a day, different communication skills, so he invited to his home practically all of their friends.

Анна Михалкова пожаловалась на особенности характера наследницы“Came to them almost two classes. But this was one birthday for two. I prepared for a month and then a month departed”, said Mikhalkov.

A completely different approach to the celebration of the birth of Lydia. As an actress, the girl is different from his brothers. The heiress Mikhalkov does not require a large number of guests. Anna admits that a little surprised by the needs of the baby. Lydia likes to spend time away from the noisy companies.

“When Lida was born, I suddenly realized that the birthday should be first and foremost her holiday. Lida is not very sociable, she does not feel the need for socialization. For me, of course, surprising, since I love people and this was from childhood. She accepted the fact that she has two brothers. Although sometimes she continues to insist that Andrei and Sergei other parents, and she is the only child in the family,” shared the actress.

Last year the girlfriend couldn’t come to the party on the occasion of the birthday of the leads. Anna Mikhalkova worried about disrupted holiday, however the girl had time away from friends. “She was playing with the animator and stroked the rabbit,” recalled the star.

“This year, Lida came on a few girls. Thanks to my friend Natasha, which is wonderful, gentle and kind girls, which were prepared for the fact that in the middle of the holiday Lida said go play alone in your room,” – said Mikhalkov.

Anna also admitted that finally ceased to be nervous and to worry about children’s behavior. Relatives of the actress, including her husband albert and friend and sister, trying to support it.