Anna Mikhalkov admitted that her “monsters”

Анна Михалкова призналась, что воспитывает «монстров»
The actress spoke about how difficult it is to be a mom.

Anna Mikhalkov and his sons: Andrey and Sergey

Photo: @Instagram anikiti4na Anna Mikhalkova

Anna Mikhalkov recently complained to his followers on the difficulties of motherhood. The actress, whose older 16-year-old Andrew, 15-year-old Sergei and three-year-old Lydia, as no one else knows how difficult sometimes it communicating with children. Anna admitted that sometimes ready to break apart their teenage sons, however, trying to control myself.

“Of course, I love them! But sometimes I just want them to break! I myself have tired of the sound of his voice, which is constantly only teaches, reprimands, admonishes, advises, and controls,” shared Anna.

Mikhalkov jokingly calls their children “monsters”. “I know how to raise monsters!” — said the actress. However, followers of the actress are sure that Anna is a wonderful mother and she grows up exemplary children. And with the difficulties of parenting teenagers faced by almost every parent. “Great guys, Anna! And mom you must be really good!”, “I have the same feeling every day! Don’t worry, you’ll get better soon!”, “Teenagers, what to take with them…” — supported subscribers Anna in the comments.

Recall that last month Anna has visited Israel, where he presented the film series “Drunk firm”. A few days to evaluate the work of Gregory of Constantinople, who directed the project, had the opportunity and the audience. Hooligan series premiere took place on channel TNT.