Anna Mikhailovskaya told about the date with Nikita Efremov

Анна Михайловская рассказала о свидании с Никитой Ефремовым
The star of “Youth” and “the Captain” confessed that they were unable to divert Ephraim from football.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Mikhailovskaya, by her own admission, became an actress by accident. Future star “Junior” and “the Captain” was easy for the exact Sciences, and the school girl scored high on the math, and that was enough to do in the Economics faculty building of the University. There remained only the documents to include. But instead Mikhaylovskaya suddenly got into movies, and her plans changed dramatically. Assistant Director of the film “the Most beautiful” come to the dance Studio, where he studied Anna and chose her for one of the main roles in this film. On the set of Mikhaylovskaya met Alena Hmelnitsky, Olga Aroseva, Alexey Makarov and other stars.

“In our picture your second or third role was played by Nikita Efremov, — Anna remembers. The first time we talked with him in the 34th trolley, which went with the “Mosfilm” to metro station “Kiev”. He walked over and said, “Well, now I’ll be your brother play.” We became friends, I even once invited me to visit. That evening the TV was football and Nikita a fan, like my parents. So they sat down together to watch the match — I forgot. Efremov in that summer entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, it was a lot of talk on the court. And then I also began to ask, “where are you going to do?” And my answer: “University” — no one liked it. All in eager rivalry advised to try acting. Even began to pick up the program. Alena Khmelnitskaya asked me to read an excerpt from “Light breathing” Bunin. That summer I had to spin: shooting “the Most beautiful” took place in Tver, where I drove the car, and then drove to Moscow for final exams at school and entrance to College. Rather, in the institutions, because I came from all the universities: somewhere cut somewhere went through all the rounds. In the end I chose cinematography. My first painting I finished a student”.

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