Anna Mikhailovskaya: “Open my eyes and see men’s feet — the husband came”

Анна Михайловская: «Открываю глаза и вижу мужские ноги — муж приехал»
The star of “Youth” and “the Captain” became “victim” of the surprise from the wife.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Mikhailovskaya, star of TV series “Molodezhka” (STS) and “the Captain” (“Russia”), never thought would marry a colleague. Moreover, she deliberately avoided romantic relationships with actors. But as they say, the fate of no escape. With her future husband by Tymofiy Karataeva Anna met at the audition for the film “Jarhead”, where neither he nor her never called. Timothy later admitted to Anna that already “has her eye on it”. But again, young people are met only two years later, and again on samples of the TV series “Who if not I?” where they both approved. Michael — the heroine, Karatayev — her fiancé.

“For some reason he pretended not to recognize me, I was surprised and reminded that we are familiar with, said Anna. — Although it was noticeable immediately that Tim has sympathy for me, and I liked him too”. The actors started talking, constantly exchanging some humorous text messages. Then agree to go skiing, then Biking (filming of the series lasted from December to April). “While we were pretending nothing’s happening between us, — says Anna. Although both were clear that that’s going to happen: we were drawn to each other like a magnet. But we have long kept my distance and crossed the line, both valued this as polaramine. When I told Tim that always dreamed about the romance in the relationship, he said that romantic is not about him. (Laughs.) And he immediately began to give me romantic surprises! I remember I went to Kiev for the shooting of “Models” on the eve of his birthday. Tim was on his shooting somewhere in another city. So, I went on the train, arranged in the compartment. To me looks Rinal Mukhametov (he also went to the shooting “Models”) and said: “Listen, I’m here now on the platform of the boyfriend saw.” I dialed the number tims, ask him about it and hear: “no, seemed Rinal. I’m on the court, I have the frame, bye!” The train started, we sat with Rinal, chatting. And suddenly in walks Tim: “hi! I’m going with you, and we will be together to celebrate your birthday!” I was so stunned that he didn’t even remember, with a bunch of Tim appeared or not and at what point in the compartment disappeared Rinal…”

Since then, Timothy constantly surprises Anna with his unexpected appearances where it does well should not be. With the filming back a couple of days earlier, then drop everything and come to his wife in the motion picture expedition record. “Once we gathered with my husband and with my parents to Barcelona, — Anna remembers. But at the last moment it was approved by the film “Berets”, so that tims does not work to join us. What to do, flew without it. And here I lie on the beach and see someone’s male feet in the sand. I look up and it’s Tim arrived, managed somehow to get off “Tibia”. At me every time such surprises are impressive…”

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