Anna Mikhailovskaya husband and I enjoyed the family idyll

Анна Михайловская с мужем наслаждаются семейной идиллией The husband of the actress has shared a touching photo. Anna Mikhailovskaya and Timofey Karataev spend a may weekend, getting a pleasure from communication with each other and a young son. Fans of star couples have found that spouses have the same smile.

      Анна Михайловская с мужем наслаждаются семейной идиллией

      The firstborn son of actress Anna Mikhailovskaya and her husband Timothy Karataev in the middle of may will mark ten months. The birth of a son completely changed the lives of young parents. All the free time they try to spend together with the baby. Celebrity couple doted in his heir and let rarely, but shares with the fans the happy moments that they spend together.

      In these days of may Anna Mikhailovskaya and Timofey Karataev rest quietly, in the family, enjoying the company of each other and his young son. Timofey Karataev was published in the microblog touching family photos with a delicate recognition of his wife in love. “Love,” just signed the happy husband and father. In the shot – Anna and Timothy, filled with light and joy. Near their child the spouses, however, the picture shows only a white beanie baby – star the couple prefers to hide the heir from prying eyes.

      Photo captivated fans with its simplicity and sincerity. “You guys are a beautiful couple!”, “What you lovely”, “Happiness to you!”, “You have the same smile,” – commented the subscribers Timofey Karataev.

      It is obvious that such happy moments, when they can happily enjoy family happiness, the star couple are rare. Anna Mikhailovskaya did not stay too long in the decree giving birth to a son in mid-July, in August, she’s already back on the set of the series “Junior”. Plus, the actress is busy in the theatre. Between work and family has to be torn and Timothy Karataev, he’s also a lot of shooting. Meanwhile, the couple is considered to be one of the strongest. Anna Mikhailovskaya and Timofey Karataev value their relationships and are very sensitive to each other and to his son, protecting private life from the interference of outsiders. They never give interviews on the subject of family life, believing that happiness love peace.

      Star wife have been married for a few years. For both it is the first marriage. Wedding with the young people was held in full accordance with the traditions: the white wedding dress, lots of guests, lots of flowers and a birthday cake. Unusual was only one of the gifts: the couple received in their full and undivided possession of the land on the moon.

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