Анна Матисон подарила Сергею Безрукову дочь The couple have already chosen a name for the newborn girl. Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison married in mid-March of this year. That the family of the actor and Director have a baby, they announced before the festival “Kinotavr”.

      Анна Матисон подарила Сергею Безрукову дочь

      In the family of Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison’s daughter. Parents have already chosen a name for the newborn baby. The girl they decided to call Mary.

      Sergey Bezrukov has shared the first photo of newborn daughter

      That in a family of celebrities is coming to completion, it became known shortly before the festival “Kinotavr”. Usually the couple live a quite private life, but the need for the presence at the event, where the film matison with the participation of Bezrukov was presented in the competition program, has made adjustments. Representatives of the famous couple said that Anna and Sergey are expecting a baby.

      In order to avoid unnecessary rush at the festival “Kinotavr” Sergey Bezrukov reported in advance to his fans and reporters that he and his wife are expecting a baby. Pair going to Sochi on “Kinotavr” not to rest and not as guests, but as participants of the festival, participation includes holding press conferences and interviews” – said in an official statement.

      On the eve of his arrival at the “Kinotavr” Sergey and Anna decided not to conceal the forthcoming happy event from the General public. In addition, the actor shared his joy on his page on “Twitter”. “Expect”, – he wrote.

      For the first time about a creative Union of two stars started talking after Bezrukov has played a major role in the film, Mathison milky way. The filming took place in harsh conditions on the lake, which, apparently, brought Sergei and Anna. Meanwhile, for all the speculation about the new novel in conversation with journalists the actor just laughed it off. “It goes so many rumors and talk about our relationship. So we decided… not to say anything about his personal life, and talk only about cinema,” he said.

      Sergey Bezrukov married for the second time

      During the work on the film Anna matison, in which Sergei Bezrukov played a major role, they had no differences.

      “I will assume, the rights still her husband, to respond to the sore, it is important – with a smile said Sergei. – Were there any scandals and quarrels? You know, it was not. There was one creative moment. And I am grateful to Ana. She did a unique thing, it worked with me so that I won’t recognize myself in this movie. Absolutely, absolutely!”

      News about a happy event in the family life of celebrities has informed the edition “7 days”.

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