Анна Матисон впервые вышла в свет после рождения дочери
The wife of Sergei Bezrukov came into shape in just a month and a half.

Анна Матисон впервые вышла в свет после рождения дочери

Anna Matison


Valery Gergiev, Anna matison and Denis Matsuev


In the framework held in Moscow “movie Night” was held
pre-premiere screening of the documentary Anna matison PROKOFIEV. During
way.” It was the first release of the wife of Sergei Bezrukov after the birth of her daughter
Masha. Matheson first became a mom in early July and has already come in perfect

Together with Anna the film was presented by Valery Gergiev and Denis
Matsuev, Konstantin
The actor, also took part in the shooting, was unable to attend and sent a video greeting. “I had the honor to participate in the creation
the film “Prokofiev: on the way”. For me the main protagonist of the film is the music. And I think that for the audience it doesn’t matter a thorough knowledge
all musical pieces that are heard in the film. Just enough to be
emotional, open, sensitive person. I wish this movie
to collect such audience”, — said the actor.

“Documentary cinema is a rare genre for rental, and this film
not typical for documentaries, — said Anna matison. —It is not the usual
of biography, interviews with colleagues and relatives, but there are only words
the Prokofiev, and a lot of music. Music is the main character. And
it is right for a film about the great composer. Through the texts of the diaries of Sergei
S. if you are not acquainted with the biography from the encyclopedia,
you will surely feel what this man was, to create a truly
brilliant music”.

It is curious that keira Knightley could play a major
role in other — games — movie Anna matison “the milky way”. But it so happened,
that the role went to Sergey Bezrukov. His acquaintance with the talented and bright
Anna matison on this project was crucial, the result of which
become not only the Premier, but also the wedding and the birth of his daughter.

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