Анна Хилькевич: «С меня до сих пор не сняли все обвинения»
The crooks took on the name of the actress credit for 400 thousand rubles.

Photo: Pauline Bertrand

Anna Khilkevich first talked about how got into a nightmarish situation.

“You could call me the worst replaceline, which collectors call every day. It’s a nightmare that has not ended and it is unclear when it will end, — is an actress. — Filming from my bag pulled out a wallet with all the documents. No passport, no papers, no license, no credit cards! I called the police, wrote a statement. A few days later flew with his family to Thailand. When he returned back to Moscow, which immediately received a new passport and for a time forgot about this story. Two months later I get a call my former Director: “an’, look, I’m getting very hard collectors. Rude, threatening, looking for you.”

Then Anna did not linked it with a lost passport, just surprised.

“I immediately called to those who were looking for me: “Hello, you have some problems?” “Yes. You a few months do not pay for the loan.” But I didn’t take any credit! And then I realized what happened: credit someone took my passport stolen. And not one, but eight different banks. And began my quest: I received help in the police and spread them on the banks. It’s a real nightmare! I was shown a photo of a girl that my passport went to the banks. She has black hair and eyes, nothing like me, it is unclear how she was able to give credit in my passport. But, most likely, the crooks stuck a new photo”.

In the end, the name of the actress took out a loan for a total sum about 400 thousand roubles: a large loan, somewhere to buy a smartphone, and about seven thousand rubles in cash.

“And where give a loan, especially hard working people, says Lee. — Still with me not acquitted of all charges. One Bank still writes a letter asking to contact them. I call, explain the situation, they say, “Well, we’ll call you back”. Of course, no call back, but again send a letter about my “duty.” And so constantly!”.

Full interview with Anna Khilkevich read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.