Анна Хилькевич улетела с семьей в Тайланд
The actress will celebrate the New year at the ocean.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Khilkevich back in July, thinking about where she the whole family to celebrate New year and spend their winter holidays. The actress then began searching
villas on the ocean, and asked their fans to help her with the choice of a good
places in this warm country.

“We decided on a little new year trip
a large family to Thailand, to Phuket. Trying to find house-Villa, — said the actress. — Maybe among my
subscribers are realtors or real estate agents in Asia? And that these sites
villas on the Internet a lot, but they are of little avail. I would appreciate the help.”
Of course, having found a good Villa
at the best price. And when other frantically thinking about vacation, Anna with her husband was just waiting for the date of departure. The daughter of actress Arianna
for a year, so a long flight they are not afraid. Moreover on a journey
Anna and her husband Arthur took a nanny to help with girl.

In an interview with the magazine “Seven days,” the actress admitted,
she had doubts about the nanny’s on vacation. “I still have a giant
the problem of being jealous of the babysitter! Once I come home, I ran to the daughter, and next to it
the nanny sits and something tells her. Arianna, of course, I have absolutely no
pay attention. Remember, I had hidden myself away in the bathroom and cried. And
then just asked the nanny: “Tatiana, you leave, please, child,
when I come home.” And still I’m jealous. Although my daughter, of course, understands
I’m her mother, ‘ says Lee. —We are now on winter break I will fly to Thailand. And I thought that we were going
the three of us, only family. But Arthur says no, you have to take a babysitter with you.”