Anna Lee came to visit Paul Will

Анна Хилькевич приехала в гости к Павлу Воле
The actress took part in the popular show on TNT.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: TNT

Anna Khilkevich long wanted to participate in the program “Improvisation” on TNT, and finally, she was invited to this interesting show. The essence of the program — in
the fact that four of the comic star and one guest the control of the master Paul
Will be in the most bizarre situations and out of them with humor. In
show there is no script and everything that happens in it, come up with on the go.

Lee has already announced the premiere of “Improvisation” with
his participation on his page on the web by publishing a funny video. “Oh, how
I want to see, ” says Lee. Is actually my favourite program.”

Recall that “Improvisation” is a new unpredictable
Comedy shows from Comedy Club Production. There is no script and everything
what is happening on stage, participants invent on-the-go. Running
presenter Pavel Volya four comedians and one star are in the most
bizarre situations and out of them with humor. Before getting on
screen, four members of “Improvisation” (Arseny Popov, Dmitri Pozov, Sergey
Matvienko and Anton Shastun) a few years perfecting this format on the club

Today at 20.00 show #improvisation on TNT ? Oh, how I want to see??? this is actually my favourite program?

A video posted by Anya Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich) on May 20, 2016 at 3:27am PDT

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