Anna Lee apologized to Cum for accusing you of selling fakes

Анна Хилькевич извинилась перед ЦУМом за обвинения в продаже подделок

Anna Khilkevich promised, Anna Khilkevich did.

Last week we told you about an unpleasant incident that has embroiled the star of “Univer”. The actress accused the Moscow Central Department store in selling fakes. Supposedly, Anna bought a bag Dolce&Gabbana, which broke in the first hours of wear. Lee did not wait when she will replace the bag cost 140 thousand rubles for new and decided to buy the same model in Paris. However, the name brand store such bags was not there. Then Anna and suspected that the home she sold a fake.

Your emotions about this, having shared with subscribers in social networks. The post Anna resounded all over Instagram and reached the hands of Alla werber, Director of the store.

The woman promised to sue, according to the court, if she did not publicly apologize. In turn werber had to present evidence that Anna bought real Dolce&Gabbana handbags, not expensive fake.

Here’s how ended the story: “”Refutation in a photo email from someone to someone about something. Well, if this letter is real,not printed helpers, and it says exactly the same bag, I of course apologize))). Unpleasant situation and very complicated… I don’t like to swear, don’t like dirt, and most importantly,I’m for justice in the first place) so if I was wrong, and the bag is true, though I, unfortunately,did not see it on the official website, although it was promised… sorry for the false opinion)) I meant no harm)). It happened naturally, and as is sung in one song: “I’m going so all in Dolce Gabbana, I go like this, the heart wound!”