Anna Lee and her husband are going through a difficult period

Анна Хилькевич и ее муж переживают непростой период The little daughter of the actress does not give parents to live in peace. The heiress Anna Khilkevich started teething. The star apologized to neighbors for the inconvenience.

      Анна Хилькевич и ее муж переживают непростой период

      Daughter of actress Anna Khil’kevich Arianna in the middle of may it will be five months. Star copes with its responsibilities. The role of mother to her liking. But now little Arianne has entered a rather complicated age, when children begin to cut their first teeth, which brings a lot of trouble and hassle for parents.

      Here is Anna Khilkevich have already experienced all the “charms” of this stage, able to develop she and her husband, businessman Arthur Volkova ability possessed by all young parents, not to sleep all night. Little Arianna constantly acting out and does not give his mommy and daddy a quiet life. However, it is not for them alone. Anna Khil’kevich in the microblogging apologized for the inconvenience not only to neighbors, but people otdyhayuschim in a boarding house, located near their home. “All the neighbors living near us in the hotel “Avrora” we bring our deepest apologies. It’s all teeth. We are not to blame, they have got themselves,” wrote the actress in the microblog and immediately received in response a lot of advice from more experienced moms about what means she should use to facilitate his and Arianna’s life. Some people recommend to bring down the temperature and give the baby painkillers, while others claim that you just need to be patient and go through a difficult period.

      It is worth noting that Anna Khilkevich back in March came out of the decree and combines care about the little girl with a successful career, continuing to act in the new season of the series “Univer”. However, in recognition of a young mother torn between work and her child is not easy. The actress misses her little daughter, when he can’t be around her. The star even admitted that the pre-stored breast milk to the daughter received it in full. The secret is simple – the liquid is stored in the freezer up to several days until she will need child.

      “Two days from morning to evening on the set and another tomorrow… And then three full days at home. It’s too hard for me – so much time not to see your child. Yesterday I covered the self-blame, and I do not understand yet how to deal with it,” complained Anna Khilkevich in an interview.

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