Anna Kournikova showed a second child from Iglesias

Анна Курникова показала второго ребенка от Иглесиаса
Held photodebut twins singer and tennis player.

Анна Курникова показала второго ребенка от Иглесиаса

Anna Kournikova with a child


After 9 months of strict secrecy, when 36-year-old Anna
hiding from the public, Kournikova was released from the “underground”. She shared with
fans of the first one of their twins, born 16 Dec
last year, the hospital South
Miami Hospital. Anna posed for this photo with the blond baby in her arms,
dressed in gray overalls. Kournikova signed picture of the kid just:
“Little light of mine!” As decided by the fans of the tennis player, in the photo, rather
only, her son Nicholas.

A little earlier there and the first picture is another boy, dressed in striped
the suit, against the blanket with a pattern of pink hearts. So it was, in
apparently, Lucy is the daughter of Anna and Enrique Iglesias.

The news of the birth of children couples
which started Dating back in 2001 (when Anna starred in the musical
video Enrique “Escape”), was a big surprise.
After all, fans of the tennis players were not even aware that Kournikova is pregnant. All
9 months she spent in seclusion, and almost
no one else saw her stomach. So some fans
Anna still suspect that she carried and gave birth to children, and
used the services of a surrogate mother.

We will remind, 36-year-old
Kournikova and her 42-year-old boyfriend started Dating 12 years ago.
However, they never officially confirmed the status of their
relations. As for the birth of twins of a pair, it was a complete
a surprise to all, except, of course, Anna with Enrique, their families and closest friends.

Enrique Iglesias with a child