Anna Kournikova shared archival video from my youth

Анна Курникова поделилась архивным видеороликом из юности

Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova continues pleasing its subscribers in Instagram photos and videos from his youth. This time 34-year-old athlete published archival video, which shows her workout. In the video, Anna is warming up, then picks up a racket and starts playing.

Western video footage, which was taken by the movie, found the user Instagram account @kournikovadaily, which is another part of the transfer.



We will add that for the first time Anna picked up a racket in five years, she immediately liked tennis, but she never thought of myself as a star. Only at the age of seven Kournikova realized that she needed to get serious about training and then she can succeed. Through the year she won the open tennis tournament held in Moscow. In 1995, after victories in the Orange Bowl, the European Championships and the open championship of Italy among juniors, Kournikova became champion ITF Junior. Already at age 14, Kournikova became a professional tennis player.

Анна Курникова поделилась архивным видеороликом из юности

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