Анна Курникова и Энрике Иглесиас стали родителями в первый раз According to journalists, a happy event occurred over the weekend. It is reported that Anna Kournikova gave the heirs of Enrique Iglesias. The representatives of the celebrities have not confirmed the rumors, which received wide publicity in the Network.
Анна Курникова и Энрике Иглесиас стали родителями в первый раз

As it became known to Western journalists, 36-year-old Anna Kournikova became a mother for the first time. Tennis player gave birth to his handpicked successor, 42-year-old singer Enrique Iglesias, twins. If you believe the information that appeared in the foreign media, she gave the artist’s son Nicolas and daughter Lucy.

The long-awaited event in the lives of celebrities happened over the weekend. The sources of the correspondents, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that Kournikova gave birth on Sunday in Miami.

The representatives of Anna and Enrique have so far refrained from comments regarding data publicised in the Network. Western tabloids emphasize that the couple have always preferred to keep personal life secret from the public and never shared her details.

Throughout the pregnancy, Anna Kournikova was hiding it from the public. Athlete avoided to appear in public, so fans were not even aware that she’s preparing for the replenishment of the family. The last time Anna was released in November last year, says TMZ.

Enrique Iglesias Dating Anna kournikova in 2001. The familiarity of the stars took place on the set of the video for the song Escape. After a few months, celebrities have already started to live together. In the press repeatedly appeared rumors that the couple decided to legalize the relationship, but the lovers chose not to confirm these data. In addition, journalists reported several times about the serious differences that arose between Enrique and Anna, which they supposedly decided to part ways. The singer’s fans and athletes can only guess about the events in their lives.

In an interview, Iglesias admitted that he is happy to be with Kournikova. “Anna and love and respect each other, we have a full understanding. But as in any relationship, we have UPS and downs, because a relationship is hard work,” added the artist. In addition, the singer stated that he would like to be a father, even if it happens not according to plan.