Анна Курникова и Энрике Иглесиас поженились?

Анна Курникова и Энрике Иглесиас поженились?

Fans of much discussion in the network just two events shared by 38-year-old Anna Kournikova and 44-year-old Enrique Iglesias. The singer on his page on Instagram have shared a very touching video with the kids, where the kids are seeing how their dad is ticklish. They provocatively poked fingers into dad’s stomach and chest.

All for interesting baby videos and photos into their family meets Enrique. He systematically shows fans footage combines with the kids and talks about education. Recently, the singer admitted that their son Nicholas completely around like him.

But Kournikova aren’t put on public display photographs of children, it often pleases its users personal selfie. But, since yesterday, the fans are not so interested in the footage of her personal life, like that girl in your profile Instagram changed her name to Anna Kournikova Iglesias. The network immediately began to discuss this information, fans came to the conclusion that, most likely, Anna and Enrique secretly married.

It is worth mentioning that this beautiful couple are in a relationship for over 18 years, and two years ago they became parents for the first time, on light there were twins Nicholas and Lucy. Even the birth of children did not affect their decision of marriage registration official. The couple believes that marriage certificate means absolutely nothing for loving people.

All the fans began to congratulate Anna with marriage, although no official information about the marriage not confirmed. The last photo was posted Kournikova on the page as much as 8 Oct. On it the girl is at the stadium, and sitting next to their dog Jack. Anna thus congratulated the dog with the birthday.

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