Анна Курникова и Энрике Иглесиас подготовили дом к рождению близнецов
New parents secretly made a costly repair.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

Former tennis player who at the weekend made happy
her boyfriend son Nicholas and daughter Lucy, have ensured that by the time
the twins were born their home was completely safe for children. Now, no electrical outlets, no
sharp corners or steep stairs would not pose a threat to kids when
they will learn first to crawl and then walk. Moreover, at the insistence of Anna Kournikova, Iglesias
made expensive repairs, not only in the home but also in surrounding
site. A plot of land on which is located the mansion of the pair, now surrounded by
a high fence, which will not allow the kids to get outside
without parents. And outdoor pool
surrounded by a special fence to prevent children accidentally it fell.

The whole complex of works cost couple dearly — 600
of thousands of dollars. However, the work carried out has only increased the value of the house,
which Enrique Iglesias had bought in Miami for himself and his girlfriend in 2013-m to year.

We recall that 36-year-old Kournikova and her 42-year-old boyfriend started Dating 12 more
years ago. However, they never officially confirmed the status of
their relationship. As for the birth of twins of a pair, it was a complete
a surprise for everyone, except Anna with Enrique and closest friends of the couple.
Moreover, all 9 months Kournikova spent in seclusion, and almost
no one else saw her stomach.
So some fans Kournikova still suspect that Anna
gave birth to no children herself, and took the help of a surrogate mother.