Anna Khilkevich: “Your birthday I celebrated the day!”

Анна Хилькевич: «Свой день рождения я отмечала сутки!»
Popular actress told how he celebrated 30th anniversary.

Анна Хилькевич: «Свой день рождения я отмечала сутки!»

Анна Хилькевич: «Свой день рождения я отмечала сутки!»

Star of TV series “Univer”, one of the main blondes
TNT and just a nice girl, Anna Khilkevich celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The celebration was Grand and, most importantly,
very unexpected for the guest of honor. Anya and Arthur constantly
suit each other surprises. According to Lee, it all began with just
balls in 12 nights, but now this tradition the young family acquired an impressive

“My Director warned that on Friday, on the eve of the birthday event, which should go to light up and
earn money, — has shared Anna. — I was very hard working
week, and I’m not so tired, not sleeping the night, no mood to go to
the event is stupid to make money. My husband went with me to support.
Doubt began to slip only when we have risen to the desired floor, and
around no one was there. Entering the hall, I saw a press ox in the form of the cover
log, on which was written comic titles associated with me. Then
and I realized — I’m here.”

Shouts of joy and exclamations popped up friends
star of “Univer” and the celebration began. Of course, Anya had mixed feelings –
it really was a surprise, but it was not the dress, no hair, and fatigue
let yourself be known. But all the problems aside just a few
hours and at first went the fun!

“It was very fun and surprisingly, I was happy all
see! — said Anna. — Besides, it turned out that my Arthur took the clothes
I was cooking on Saturday. In General, the party was exactly as
wanted: played techno music, playing my Arthur, played me, made me
video greetings from friends who could not come. But the class is
cake! Large, multi-tiered, on which was a picture I cut from
marzipan, with a ragged bag as a mockery of the scandal that recently happened.
Everything was in humor is our main credo”.

Also Anya laughed at the fact that among the various
gifts was a lot of money and tonics to narrow pores. And the most unique
present, in addition to the parties, was numbered with the frame of the wardrobe in
karaoke, the actress once lost.

The party lasted until early morning, and the next
day Anna with her husband and parents went to a restaurant to celebrate 30th anniversary in
the narrow family circle. However, quite narrow it did not…

“When we sat and celebrated with his parents, says
Anja — was that in the next room said my friend Igor Vernik with his
twin brother Vadim. We came to him and United. In the end, the birthday
I noted a very long time, almost a day”.