Анна Хилькевич рассказала о навязчивых преследованиях поклонника
“The husband is nervous, he doesn’t like what’s going on,” says the actress.

Photo: Pauline Bertrand

Khilkevich, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful Russian Actresses
in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days” admitted that her stunning
appearance sometimes brings her into serious trouble. For a long time Anna
can “get rid” of an obsessive fan.

“The husband is very
very nervous, he didn’t like what was going on. It is ancient history, and
a year ago we thought she was finished. But recently it was found that no…
says, according. — It all started five years ago, a month before we met
with her husband. I was a single girl in search of her man. It was summer, I
was driving his convertible around town. Then someone signaled me. I looked and
I saw a cute guy in a good car. Poulybalis each other, and each
went on his way. How it usually happens. And in the evening I got a call: “This is
I, Hello.” Turned out to be the same man. That is, he learned the number of the machine
my phone is using some kind of database. But what am I? Decided that this is already a thing!
Started with it a bit to chat. We haven’t met, just talked on the phone
written off a few days. But once I called myself and realized that he was married.”

the man didn’t answer, then talked in whispers, and then, according to Anna, her
it all became clear.

“I ask
forehead: “are You married?” And hear in response: “This is irrelevant”, —
says the actress. — Of course, I immediately lost interest, and then met
Arthur. But the guy was stubborn, never gave up. I told him: “I
there’s a guy, don’t call me.” But it was useless: the daily esemes, calls…
once his call was answered Arthur. And the man behind, as we thought. And
a month later came another esamas: “I’m not giving up. We’ll meet again”. Soon
our joint interview with Arthur, and then the man went mad,
he went to the roof, saying that he had to be Arthur. Had
to change the phone number. But he found out where I live, and couriers began to bring me
different strange gifts, such as a dry rose. But on my car it left
notes are also very strange content.”

interview Anna Khilkevich read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Already in