Anna Khilkevich tattoo in the form of a lion cub

Анна Хилькевич набила тату в виде львенка

However, the figure will be able to see only one person: the actress has decided to get a tattoo in a closed from view of the public.

On the day Lee asked advice from followers on Instagram.

“I decided on a new tattoo! Appeal only to those who are “for”. Public opinion is so entrenched in me that without your advice I have a tattoo and you can’t fill, although I do find it really helps, Libra forever can’t decide on anything! Now, I’m more for number 2… But maybe he’s too… not so? What do you think? What number is better?” – appealed to the crowd Anna.

On all the pictures was a picture of a lion, but the star did not yet share the value of drawing.

25 thousand comments left subscribers! All voted and defended his point of view as I could. Two days later, Anna has made his decision and went to the tattoo parlor.

“Came the day X when my body settled the king of beasts. With the help of you I have wanted a tattoo with the number 2 (in dark glasses who), and the master I chose here tattoostudio_dragonfly. Master Den individual drew me a sketch and voila – Loew had on me! And that’s where he lives, you will see now only one person. I believe that every tattooed person should have at least one normal ink. Or at least natural permanent makeup, which, by the way, you too can do in this tattoo parlor. PS I for a new sketch.

By the way, the star leads a very active social life. The actress responds to comments of fans and sometimes answers questions. Fans of Victoria and her constantly finding something to complain about, and the actress fairly rapidly responds to comments of detractors. At least to remember how the star was justified for a photo with the food!

Not long ago, Anna decided to respond to the continued discussion of her appearance.

“Who’s to say that my nose and lips done?! Although, of course, the proof is so-so, but at least the picture will look”, – has signed the actress the collage, which connected the baby photo and the date.

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