Anna Khilkevich surprised photo without makeup

Анна Хилькевич удивила фотографией без макияжа
The actress started to run in the morning.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: Instagram

Young mother Anna Khilkevich always watching how it looks. Even for classes in the pool with a small Areasa comes full makeup. Imagine the surprise of fans of the actress this morning, when she’s in a personal blog published his picture with absolutely no makeup.

Subscribers Khilkevich immediately staged a war of words in the comments under the photo. Someone wrote that Anna is naturally beautiful and no makeup she doesn’t need. Especially on a morning jog: makeup can ruin your skin. Other configured are not so friendly, competed in the “cuteness”: “Similar to the doll Chucky,” “On the forehead can land Boeing…

By the way, recently the actress has told fans of the secret — how to bring the beauty of spending just 2 hours a month. It turns out that Anya had stepped up the eyelashes, and it allows not to waste precious time on makeup.

“In fact, time to put on makeup and now I in the morning almost never happens, — said the actress. — Eyelashes — just salvation! It’s easier for me to carve out 2 hours a month, than every day to spend a precious half an hour on make. Here we are, mamulki, jitrenka. Jitrenka, but pretty!”

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