Anna Khilkevich staged on the ocean fashion show

Анна Хилькевич устроила на океане показ мод
The actress spent January in Thailand with my family.

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna


Anna Khilkevich spent January in Thailand. Rented a Villa with a kitchen where they prepared the usual two year old daughter Arianna food.

“Sometimes we went to restaurants with European menu, — said Anna. The daughter I brought to Thailand for the second time. In 2017, the trip was hard, I even decided that this is not a vacation. But this time Arianna is simply a hero. Having slept five hours in the plane, the rest of the time she had fun, and I realized that vacation with a baby is possible.”

All day the mother and daughter swam, sunbathed, and even wore the same clothes, to the delight of others. “Cultivated in Thailand family look” laughed the actress.

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