Анна Хилькевич  поделилась рецептом счастья
The actress admitted that her family harmony.

A year ago Anna Khilkevich has played a magnificent wedding with
her lover, Arthur. And after
several months, there appeared their daughter Arianna. The actress tries more
time to spend with his family, but the intense shooting schedule, unfortunately, is not
gives the possibility not to part with her beloved husband and wonderful daughter. But, nevertheless, Anna found a way
to achieve peace and harmony in the family. As
only Lee and her husband falls a couple of days they are closed
in your house, turn off mobile phones, the Internet, and remain together only
mom, dad and daughter.

“This weekend did not make any pictures, answered not
on one phone call. We were just the three of us (mom, dad, daughter Ri),
watched a movie, played, was lying on the bed, laughing, doing sports, —
says, according. — We are engaged
“doing nothing” with an absolutely clear conscience: it happens very rarely, so neatly.”

By the way, recently the star of the show “Univer” decided to openly
to tell the fans about how her life has changed after this important
events in the life of the actress. “I can confidently say that the stamp in
passport absolutely nothing changes! Here only play the role of your attitude
to each other and your Love. This year has been very interesting and fruitful as
in terms of family and relationships!” — has shared Anna.

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