Анну Хилькевич обворовала домработница The actress in shock from what happened. Anna Khilkevich openly shared with fans the trouble that happened in her family. From the house the stars began to disappear money. Soon the thief was able to calculate.

      Since then, as Anna Khilkevich became a mother, she had a lot of worries. The actress has to combine professional activity with caring for the little daughter Arianna. The star is often away from home on urgent business, and the shooting of the series “Univer”, where she plays one of main roles. For Actresses looked after by the housekeeper who hired Anna herself.

      This relationship with assistant in Lee was very pleasant. However, at one point the star was to draw attention to the fact that she out of the house lost money. Soon she was able to figure out who is the thief.

      Decided to share the pechalka our housekeeper was stealing money from us… In the eye, smiled sweetly, and rubbed the trust of our family, showered with compliments… All this and was alarmed when my mother was gone from her purse a decent amount of money, I sounded the alarm… Decided to put the so-called “a trap for the thief… a maid was caught immediately. be vigilant do not forget that for a sweet smile can hide

      Photos published Anya Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich) Aug 25 2016 at 4:50 PM PDT

      It turned out that many groupies and girlfriends, according to in life was a similar situation. The girls shared in the comments to the post your stories that ended the same way sadly. In addition, subscribers will Anna gave helpful advice.

      “I don’t know what to expect people. Jewels, valuable things are not immediately noticed and the missing money is evident. That is, people were not shy at all”, “unfortunately, such people very often. Good luck in finding good employees”, “we had a lady who carried no money, and tablets, powder for dishwashers, packaging, sponges, rags new. And once caught trying on my dresses”, “Put the camera or warn that they are, although they may not be also helps. Until I found a cleaning lady. Many went over and immediately said we have cameras, so be careful, the protection does not sleep,” he responded to the distress, according to her followers.

      I returned it the housekeeper Anna money, is still unknown. Most likely, the woman will answer for their actions under the law.

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