Anna Khilkevich picked up the car

У Анны Хилькевич забрали машину
The actress had been trying all day to return your car.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: @annakhilkevich/Instagram

Anyone who has a car, he will understand Anna Khilkevich, which
had a nasty accident. And the person this story is also happened
sympathize well-known actress.

Friday began with another shooting for my nail salon. Everything I love:
great team, lots of positive and
beauty, coffee and yogurt of goat milk. Time
flew by as imperceptibly lost my parked car, which
lightning was taken to the penalty Parking

(a). What, where, when? Emotions
was filled with on-Board panic, because I need the bullet to fly on
rehearsal (point B), taking with him
Notepad with important records, which were only there and nowhere else. Well, do you think
where was my notebook? Right! In
car. My “iron” friend was safely delivered to “camp bad girls” and waited for his alarmed mistress. I started in a panic to collect the documents to her
to pick out, but then I realize that I have no STS from the machine ( such
rosy little salaminian paper)… it turned out that she
left my husband in the documents(as he was there, we don’t remember both… apparently
I haven’t stopped Dpsnikov), says Lee. The husband quickly responded to the S. O. S. signal, and
sent the document together with our friend Zhenya and went to the garden behind
baby Ri.

We with Danilo (my faithful friend) and a bunch of packages and
huge boxes from the shooting, waiting for our
the Savior with the document (then we thought that 50% of the problem was solved — nothing
thought). A friend put us in his taxi, because our hasn’t arrived yet. We
threw the packs in his trunk and the driver moved in the direction of the Parking lot. On the roads Friday-ad,
knowing what to your destination get there only 40 minutes and losing
precious time, I decide to go to the rehearsal, and Daniel to decide
the matter is left in the car with Notepad. But in the paragraph And it turns out that the keys
I have left in the bag
so I sent a new taxi driver-courier together with my keys at the point A, he kindly
agreed to drive and bring her with Tributes finally to me.

The catch
happened in that it appears to get my car back,
you need to have the extended coverage for
ensure that 3rd parties were able to manage it.
my surprise and grief, she was not there, so all movement on it
cherevaty new adventure with consequences that I’m not ready. I’m already in rehearsal, and the driver
my taxi (who were laughing all the way until I called and decided who where
to send and what to take) trying to catch my husband’s and shift things with
shooting in his trunk.
The item already arrived And the other driver with the keys, all documents and
protocols, which had issued Daniel, now taking out of the car
my notebook, he went to me through the thorns of the Moscow automobile
collapse. The case was at last a warrior Arthur! Indeed, in the insurance, as
in the marriage certificate, he entered.
Intercepting packages on your “iron horse”, he rushed to point a, but
on the way he runs out of gas… I don’t know what forces helped him to find
the gas station, but before the tow yard he got. Below
you knew from the beginning of history it’s been about 4 hours. After receiving the coveted
pass the traffic police , having solved all the questions jumping in my car, the taxi driver — in his and
both are sent in my direction to there finally to go home and
as soon as possible to hug our daughter, we missed you so much. Summing up all this
epic car, I realized: there is nothing not possible, and almost any
the problem can be solved, having gadgets on hand and true friends. Let
not easy and fast, but that’s to
check yourself and others at 100% , there is a reason why the destiny gives us
such lessons.”