Анна Хилькевич о шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»: «Это было ощущение помутнения» The star spoke about how she was introduced in a special state. According to Lee, she wasn’t afraid of anything and completely trusted ISE Bagirov. Anna said that all the promises made to her on the set, the editors kept.

The First channel show “Star under hypnosis” caused a lot of noise. The project is generating both positive and negative reaction. Some believe that everything that happens in the Studio – setting. Many stars who took part in the transmission, claim that their really was given in a hypnotic state.

Anna Khilkevich, who visited the filming of the program, decided to talk about how was working with her ISA Bagirov. In the microblog she left the post, in which he tried to persuade skeptical viewers.

“It is absolutely not in my nature to lie and deceive people. Arriving at the so-called test, I felt that further happened to me in the program. First, when I put a hand, found a spot between his fingers, listened to the voice of the meeting, I saw my hands white glow! I already this was uncomfortable, but in principle, I was fine. I remained of sound mind and understood everything, consciousness too was in order, but there was a feeling of such opacities. In General, I realized that all of what you’re doing with me here, nothing to worry about, the editors of the program’s pledged and kept its promises that I make, the property cannot rewrite the fears, not add, and I agreed to take part in this show-the experiment!” – told the star of TV series “Univer”.

As recognized by Anna, she followed the advice of ISA Bagirov. According to Lee, some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than she. “So I don’t know how the others, but what happened to me in this show is true, I’m not in no case were faking, especially grimacing, I knew it all looks terribly silly and strange it all and that made it awfully funny,” shared Lee.

Earlier, other celebrities confirmed lie detector that occurring in the transmission of the First channel is not an invention of the screenwriters. “I consider myself negilable. I resisted ISE Bagirov, but he offered to cooperate. When I relaxed, he was able to hypnotize me. I felt lighter, was in a state of intoxication,” – said Sati Kazanova. Bochkareva and Casanova clarified rumors about cheating in the show “Stars under hypnosis”