Anna Khilkevich off the grid

Анна Хилькевич ушла в отрыв A young mother showed high Jinks at the club. Anna Khilkevich published a photo on which it is pleasant to spend time with their colleagues. The shots of the star posing on the background of an empty shot glasses.

      Анна Хилькевич ушла в отрыв

      Anna Khilkevich first became a mother three months ago. Star of TV series “Univer” is mastered in a new role, bringing up a charming daughter Arianna. She already is making its first successes in the development of, and her mother, meanwhile returned from my maternity leave.

      A little while Ri plays in the company dads, grandmas and nannies, Anna filming the new season of the series “Univer”. The actress has already returned to earlier form – her figure slender again, as before. So externally on heroin Khilkevich motherhood is not affected.

      But fans now doubly unusual to see photos of the actress from the movie set, where she continues to portray the easy-going, not burdened with domestic cares girl. So, Khilkevich has published on his page on Instagram a photo collage from a night club. On pictures Anna off at the bar with his colleagues. In front of them devastated several shots, presumably with the alcohol.

      As explained by the artist herself, all this fun is only a part of the filming. “I don’t feel like partying, but at work you can plunge into this atmosphere, wrote the star. – However, there are some features. For example, we just drank so much salt water that, in my opinion, reached the shank-prakshalana”.

      It is worth noting that fans of the actress appreciated her joke. They admired the sense of humor of Anna and advised her next time to replace the salt with sugar, so that was more pleasant to shoot new shots.

      We will remind, earlier Khilkevich fans complained that it is very difficult to combine work with maternity responsibilities. The actress misses her little daughter when he can’t be around her. The star even admitted that is stored in advance in breast milk that her daughter had received it in full. The secret is simple – the liquid is stored in the freezer up to several days until it potrebuetsya child.

      “Two days from morning to evening on the set and another tomorrow… And then three full days at home. It’s too hard for me – not much time to see his child. Yesterday I covered the self-blame, and I do not understand yet how to handle it”, – complains Anna.

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