Анна Хилькевич выгнала няню со скандалом The actress admitted that was afraid for the life of his daughter Arianna. And the reason was the nanny. Anna Khilkevich said that the teacher acted inappropriately and exposed the child to real danger.

Actress Anna Khilkevich became famous for her role of Masha Belova in the sitcom “Univer. New Dorm”. The actress started acting at only 17 years old and now in her filmography includes 37 works. Anna is a busy actress and a young mother. In 2015, having married the businessman Arthur Volkov and in December of the same year gave birth to a daughter Arianna. Now the girl is two years and two months. According to the famous mother, the child is precocious, largely ahead of its peers, knows half the letters of the alphabet, know how to swim and all kinds of happy parents.

Like any working mother, Anna, was forced to hire a nanny for your child. But as recognized by the actress, with her nannies were not lucky.

The last teacher Arianna not only lied to the famous mother, but also behaved badly, and according to Anna, endangers the child’s life. For example, ran across the roadway in the wrong place and with the baby in her arms.

“She would a rag to wipe the table and then a child’s face. It was right, and her daughter, she was well taught. But confidence is not called. For example, I say: please take your child out of the garden only on a wheelchair… She replied: “Yes, Yes, Yes, of course.” And in my area a lot of girlfriends lives here and one friend got a picture of our nanny runs across the road with a baby, but still not on the transition. While on the road constantly causing accidents! Tell her: “Why are you doing this? I asked you!” — “I do”. Show her the picture, she said: “It’s not me”. Well, that is the person lying to me!”, resented Anna Khilkevich.

This woman’s behavior has brought the actress in a rage. Anna said that “the babysitter drove with the scandal”: “When it comes to the baby, I turn into a monster. It’s just not me, it’s some other person. Actually, not in my nature to scream. Then, after a couple of days, she came to see me and I gave her a chance. But it did not, was not credible. Dismissed”, she said.

Now Arianna new nanny, the sixth, which like her star mom. “I will not say big words, but I think this is our man. I realized one thing: a nurse must be intelligent, and then all will be well. It is, in fact, the Golden rule,” she said with 7days.