Анна Хилькевич планирует вторую беременность The actress realized that the birth did not affect her figure. Like many young moms, Anna Khilkevich tried as hard as possible to get rid of the extra pounds gathered during the child’s expectations. As proof, she showed the fans their achievements.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich in December last year for the first time became a mother. The actress gave her husband Arthur Volkov daughter Arianna. The artist tried to not step to move away from the long-awaited Chad, however, did not forget about yourself. Shortly after birth, Oksana began to drop those extra pounds that she gained during the pregnancy. Anna just a couple of months back on the set of TV series “Univer”, where it plays a major role.

      Now, six months later, after the birth of the daughter Arianna, Anna hinted at the possibility of her family the next heir. Due to the fact that motherhood has not ruined her chiseled figure, now she can safely give birth again and again. As a proof that it is in excellent shape, Lee has published in the microblog a short video which demonstrated all the charm of the figure.


      “Sporti Mami, move the bodies. Be sporty, sexy and fun moms. Have tsnelisi for a new project on fitness. By the way, I always thought that pregnancy and childbirth irreversibly spoil the figure. But my example proved the opposite. What we are truly happy and what I want to share with you. You can prepare for the second” – concluded Anna his appeal to the fans.

      Video posted by Anya Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich) Jul 21 2016 at 2:04 PDT

      Fans are unable to remain indifferent to such a resounding result of resistance training celebrity. They again admired the tenacity of Anna.

      “The figure is great, despite the fact that she recently became a mother, Anna, as always you are irresistible”, “Anya, how did you maintain the tummy after birth?” – admired by fans of the figure of the star of the series “Univer”.

      But a few months ago followers Lee was concerned that Anna sat on a rigid diet. For the filming of the actress had to quickly return to its former shape. But fans was perplexed because Anna was talking about the one that feeds the daughter breast milk. That’s why fans were confused from the decision of the stars to limit yourself in some products, as was worried it could affect her successor. Especially because before that, having complained of abdominal cramps in daughter. However, Anna is quick to assure followers that all is in order.

      “About colic. We are almost through. And I can say that in my experience, they almost were not related to my diet. I ate one boiled buckwheat with Turkey, cheese with bread, but the result was the same. Just had to endure this period. Well, of course, I am very pleased that my leanness was so worried about you and, at the same time, annoying”, said Lee.

      Photos published Anya Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich) Jul 16 2016 11:38 PDT

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