Anna Khilkevich is no longer blonde

Анна Хилькевич больше не блондинка The actress held an experimental painting. Anna Khil’kevich for a long time will lead the search for the perfect hair color. Star decided on another change and were quite happy with the result.

      Анна Хилькевич больше не блондинка

      Spring – time updates, so many women really want in this period to change the image or at least make a new hairstyle. Anna Khil’kevich was no exception. The actress rarely experimenting with style, but each time she presents his fans a pleasant surprise.

      Today the star of “Univer” turned to the experts in order to color and hair extensions. Leave old color she wanted. Lee ceased to be a bright blonde, and turned into a blonde beauty. A bold experiment with the style left Anna happy. But still she asked his subscribers for a second opinion. “My eternal story of the search of hair color continues. What do you say?” “asked the actress.

      The opinions of the followers were divided. “I think you more is the lighter hair color. But this is also good”, “Very naturally, a great choice”, “Before was better”, “any color is good! Girl-charisma”, “good Color, everything was done beautifully, hair extensions, would never say. Lighter but You was better, You and him were brighter. But this is dull for you,” “Now in fashion is all natural, but even if to forget about fashion – the color is beautiful, very good for you. New swagger became,” he hurried to argue between fans of Anna in the comments to her new photos.

      It is worth noting that Lee has achieved wonderful results in losing weight after childbirth. Recently, the actress boasted that come to our ideal weight. However, she had to be on a strict diet and hard exercise. “I was brought to the desired state of weightlessness is 46.5 pounds. And how you bring your pieces in the correct state? Were you able to achieve this goal?” – asked Victoria and her followers on the microblogging. Most of them only had that shrug.

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