Анна Хилькевич ревнует дочь к няне
The actress admits that has nothing to do with that feeling.

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov

Daughter Anna Khilkevich December 14, was a year old. During this time, the actress had to go through a whole gamut of emotions of a young mother, many times quarrel and make peace with her husband and to find, finally, for a child a reliable nanny. And last it is not easy.

Here’s what Lee herself talks about the difficulties faced: “When in March, I went to work, we began to help sister’s husband. But it’s not on a regular basis, it could not be always with us. Big thanks to her, but sister, she has her own life, it will not ask once again… So four months I was living on his last reserves. In the end, we realized that we need to take a nanny with accommodation. Not immediately found it. We had quite a tough selection, I applied to the Agency. To find a good nanny — that’s a problem! I wanted to have the nannies were their children, but adults and not in Moscow, so she rushed home. And that she possessed the methods of early development. I remember showing one candidate, according to the criteria kind of fit. But she took the child in his arms, sat down and rocked him at the knees, that is very low. The child was crying. I offered to give Arianna the water, she drank and calmed down. Say: “You see, the child just wanted a drink.” As a result, as soon as my daughter began to cry, the babysitter she immediately gave the water, not understanding why the child is crying this time. In General, we broke up. And then I got lucky, and found Tatiana. She has three daughters and many grandchildren. It helps us greatly.”

The only thing that now blights the lives of Anna — jealousy. And not to her husband, who, having lately learned to trust, and to the nanny. “This is a huge problem!, — said Anna. — Once I come home, I ran to the daughter, and beside her nanny sits and something tells her. Arianna, of course, I was absolutely not paying attention. Remember, I had hidden myself away in the bathroom and cried. And then just asked the nanny: “Tatiana, you leave, please, from the nursery when I come home.” And still I’m jealous. Although my daughter, of course, understands that I’m her mother…”

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