Anna Khilkevich is expecting her second child

Анна Хилькевич ждет второго ребенка
The actress explained why she decided to declassify an interesting position.

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna

Anna Khilkevich is expecting a child. About this actress
told publishing the relevant post in the personal microblog. “If
today was April 1, it is possible that many would have taken this news as a joke.
Almost like my husband — says Anna. — But seriously, to laugh it off on
the theme of my new position every day harder and harder. Besides
many have this insight, that the thought of change before
I know! So let’s start Monday but with such news, well, all
the details I will share with you later. So give your pregnant
mother quietly enjoying this feeling and the last quiet months”.

That in the near future, Anna wants to become a mother for the second time, Lee told the magazine “7 days” in the early autumn of last year. Then actress
admitted that her husband really wants children, and that
soon, she may become a mother for the second time, Anna told even the producers.

in the first place wants it. They are now with Arianna fine contact —
any case since then, as she began to speak. So it often happens: dad
understand what to do with the baby when it is ready to play. And now
Arthur says: “Come second”. He feels that children is an investment in our
future, — said the actress. — In addition, one child in the family usually
grows selfish. Arthur knows that our daughter has such a tendency, here and
pressing on it. And then, he is tricky, wants the children to each other occupied.
In General, the husband is asking a second child. Well, just want cute, why
no? I have producers warned that planning for a second child, the doctors
went. Approached responsibly!”