Anna Khilkevich is caught in a nightmarish situation

Анна Хилькевич попала в кошмарную ситуацию
The actress complained to the fans on a very unpleasant adventure.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: @annakhilkevich Instagram of Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich got recently in a very unpleasant situation. As told by the artist, the night before she evacuated the vehicle to the impound lot. The result is a greater part of the night she spent in waiting can get his luxury “iron horse” back. Incidentally, the 30-year-old Anna loves to play in the so-called “quests” — challenging assignments, which have to perform over time. However, being in such situation in real life, she was, to put it mildly, not happy.

“And that’s my current quest in reality or a terrible nightmare… guess where I am… good night Everybody!” — wrote Anna in the microblog. Fans immediately guessed where he was a star and began to indulge in the wildest speculations. That she managed to rescue his car from the impound yard, having told only on the morning of the next day.

By the way, was that subscribers were not too supportive of Anna and instead of words of support left not one sarcastic comment. “Machines are not just taken, then stood in not put place. My fault!” — spoken by the spiteful critics. However, Lee tries not to focus on negative comments and has distracted from the sad thoughts for the next set.