Anna Khilkevich is battling thinness

Анна Хилькевич отчаянно борется с худобой The actress wants to gain a few pounds. Anna Khilkevich admitted that sitting on a diet, and sometimes just forgets to eat. Artist complains of your diet, however, has nothing to do with it.

Two years ago, the star of the series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich gave birth to a daughter Arianna. The artist decided not to stay in the decree, and therefore very quickly restored the former shape, and returned to the business. Fans admire her slender and constantly asking for advice on how to achieve such success in losing weight. However, the artist not so speaks enthusiastically about her figure. She is not dieting – what’s more, wants to gain a few pounds to achieve the ideal forms. Anna Khilkevich about the tears at night, fears and raising a daughter

“My weight not that quickly stabilized, he began to plummet. I’m trying to pick it up, but he falls again. So now I’m struggling with low weight. Of course, I would like to gain a few pounds, but that can’t happen,” admitted Lee.

The actress admits that she has a very busy schedule – work and everyday activities take away a lot of time, and therefore it is rarely possible to have a nice lunch. According to Anna, it could take a day to rehearse, and late in the evening she does not want to eat. Lee gets upset when I only have time to eat Breakfast, which her weight plummeted.

“We have to admit that now I have a very bad diet, but I can’t say that I look very tiny,” says the actress.

Anna understands that it is not necessary to learn from its experience of loss and torture yourself with diets. In her opinion, those who want to lose weight, should lead an active lifestyle doing sports, to have a toned body. Apparently, Lee finds time in busy schedule and perform some exercises to stay in shape. She admitted in an interview with that seldom experiences fatigue as constantly switches to different things.

“However, I believe that in every person’s life must be a sport. If you just eat nothing and lose weight, it is unhealthy thinness. And sports give a beautiful, toned and slender body,” – said the star of TV series “Univer”.