Anna Khilkevich invented a way to avoid family quarrels

Анна Хилькевич изобрела способ избежать семейных ссор Star of TV series “Univer” for several years happy with her husband Artur Volkov. But in each pair there are challenging moments. The actress told how they can avoid serious conflicts.

Anna Lee and her boyfriend together for over four years. In the past year in their family happened replenishment – was born the daughter Arianna. Despite the tight schedule, the couple try to spend more time with each other and the baby. This is evidenced by the pictures in Instagram. The actress shared her secret of how she manages to avoid conflict with her husband, despite the impulsive nature.

“You can’t get away from the conversation, you need to talk. We have a Thursday’s revelations. We agreed that we will have a special day to tell each other about experiences, to sort things out. One says what he thinks, and the second is not offended, perceives and concludes,” explains Anna.

According to her, have such conversations every week is optional. They hold them as necessary when accumulated claims against each other. This helps to solve the problem before the situation escalated.

“At first we didn’t understand the conflicts, and just walked away from each other. Both are prone to such reactions. And I used to go to were running after me, and Arthur. It turns out that if I could not escape, he ran away. But whoever goes away, the problem remained, and every day she was growing up. We always fought, and it was awful. Now it’s different. On my initiative, we began all to talk, to discuss,” shared the actress.

More recently, however, there have been rumors that Lee and wolf got into a fight and even getting a divorce. The reason for this was the photo in the microblog artist, published during a holiday in Croatia. They are a young mother posing mostly with baby Arianna, but the wife is not in the picture. The public immediately drew conclusions about the breakup. Anna answered the conjectures of ill-wishers.

“Look out and wait for our dad. Already someone wrote in the comments that we got divorced, because the rest separately. Well how about that, guys,” she signed one of the pictures. Fans supported the actress. “Happiness and health of your family is important, and everything else is nonsense”, “Oh, these stupid commentators”, the “Experts” like to diagnose and points in foreign relations,” they commented.

Now the family, Oksana Volkova and harmony and secrets from each other they have, they even know all the passwords on smartphones. “Specifically, we phones are not viewable. But, sometimes, I to her husband on the shoulder, the head is put, hug it, and eyes back in his phone, – the girl admits in an interview with “7 Days”. And I think this is perfectly normal. Everyone has their own space, and yet they have in common.”