Анна Хилькевич добилась плоского живота уколами

Actress Anna Khilkevich in an interview repeatedly said that in her opinion the girl is beautiful when she is “anorexic skinny”. The actress tries to follow his beliefs and works hard to maintain her figure close to his ideal. However, to achieve such results Anna starves himself, and is intensively involved in sports. Does not exclude, explosions and the use of additional methods of pulling figure. For example, recently the star of TV series “Univer” admitted that flat stomach after pregnancy, she returned to not playing sports, and mesotherapy.

“Slowly Crouch and walk on the treadmill I started somewhere in two weeks after the birth of a daughter, — said the star. But in gym ran for just six weeks when my doctor said after examination that it is already possible… But if I preferred to focus on strength training and increase muscle mass in certain places, after birth, the body had to dry. I had a personal trainer, without him I couldn’t have done it. He increased the pressure very gradually, careful not to hurt the press, because the abdominal muscles during pregnancy dispersed.”

According to Anna, even the classes at the gym are unable to return it Dobermann figure, because she had to consult specialists from other areas: “the fact that the stomach continued to bulge despite exercising and eating right. But after mesotherapy stomach was flat, just perfect. The way it was before pregnancy. And now, by the way, I weigh even less than before pregnancy”.

Recall the first time mom Anna Khilkevich was in December last year. The actress and her husband Arthur Volkova was born a girl, which was given the name Arianna. In name, having United the names “Anna” and “Arthur.”