Last weekend, the entire film world celebrated the professional holiday. To congratulate colleagues on the occasion decided Igor Vernik, however, made it a rather unusual way. In his account Instagram, the actor posted a video where he’s having fun in bed young star of “Univer” Anna Khilkevich.

Vernick and Lee looked like the most that neither is true lovers who panted after carnal pleasures. This scene looked very natural and believable that at first shocked and amazed followers of Igor. However, to put everything in its place – wernick just shared a scene from the new film starring Anne — “All about Men”, which soon goes in the car.

By the way, recently, having talked about working with Igor and admitted that their sex scene was filmed on the first day of the meeting: This is the third or fourth draft, when you’re in love with a person you didn’t even know me. So this time we with Igor Vernik on the first day put him to bed, ” laughs Lee. — In the opinion of the Directors, it helps to establish closer contact. Maybe they’re right.”

Synopsis: the plot of “All about men” some men tell the taxi driver fun and incredible experiences. According to the creators of the film, he in a humorous way expose different facets of man’s nature, including heroism, bravado and sentimentality.

The movie will be released very soon — September 1st. In addition to Igor Vernik and Anna Khilkevich, it is also played by Dmitriy Nagiev, Elena Borschev, Sergei Belogolovtsev, Vladimir Epifantsev, Jan Tsapnik and Elena Valyushkina. Directors of Comedy became Michael Garnevski and Leonid Margolin, and her producers made Michael Galustyan and Sarik Andreasyan.

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