Анна Хилькевич определилась, где будет рожать
The actress will pay for the VIP service about a million rubles.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: Instagram

Anna Khilkevich, which will soon become a mother
the second time, decided where to give birth to the baby. The actress decided that “from
good deed goes unpunished” and opted for elite hospital “Lapino”, where
came to light her daughter Arianna. For VIP service and private room
the actress must pay about one million rubles. But celebrity is not
confused: in the hospital going into labor almost all the stars are
now in position.

By the way, star
almost the whole pregnancy led a very active lifestyle, but recently the doctor
advised her to take it easy. Specialist recommended Anna to restrict labour
activities, to spend more time in nature and relax.

The actress, as it turns out, overloading yourself
combining work with motherhood. In addition, Lee, incidentally, had
to see the match Russia-Spain in the Luzhniki stadium. “Very pregnant,” Anna together with
other fans roughly supported native team.

After having received a reprimand from the doctor, she went for the weekend
with her husband Arthur and daughter in the suburbs. “My doctor asked not
worn and completely stop working. So I with quiet soul rest,
what sincerely glad,” said the artist.