Anna Khil’kevich decided on a brutal tattoo

Анна Хилькевич решилась на брутальную татуировку The actress is going to make a new pattern on the body. About this star of TV series “Univer” told its subscribers in the social network and asked them for advice which thumbnail to choose. Where Anna is going to fill a new tattoo, the star says.

      Анна Хилькевич решилась на брутальную татуировку

      29-year-old Anna Khilkevich wants to change their appearance. Recently, the actress changed hair color to a darker, and now she decided to make a new pattern on the body. The actress told fans on his page on “Instagrame” that is ripe for a tattoo.

      “I decided on a new tattoo. Appeal only to those who are “for”. Public opinion is so entrenched in me that without your advice I have a tattoo and you can’t fill, although I do find it really helps. Libra forever can’t decide on anything. Now, I’m more for number 2. But maybe he too isn’t? What do you think? What number is better?”, – signed frame, consisting of four sketches, Lee.

      Famous blonde is going to fill the image of a lion. Why she chose the figure of this animal, the actress is not yet says. Also she did not say where exactly yuudet placed new tattoo. The opinions of the subscribers of Anna was divided. Many liked the lion in the crown with the first image, but others chose the head of a predator, the painted strokes, with the third sketch.

      Анна Хилькевич решилась на брутальную татуировку

      Recall that the new tattoo will be the third on the body Khil’kevich. Many years ago, the actress made the inscription in Latin “per aspera ad astra”, which translated into Russian language as “Through hardship to the stars”. This tattoo adorns the foot of the stars. The second picture on the girl’s body were birds on the right shoulder blade. The idea is to fill the birds came to Anna during vacation in Thailand, but decided to implement it only in Moscow. Birds are a symbol of the flight of the soul and inspiration. Then the first match in real time showed how she make the tattoo in the salon.

      By the way, not so long ago Anna boasted that from 18 kilos during the pregnancy. The actress gave birth to a daughter Ariana in December 2015. “I was brought to the desired state of weightlessness is 46.5 kilograms,” – said the star to its subscribers within four months after the birth of baby. Anna worked hard in the gym, pumping triceps, and quadriceps bites and eat right, avoiding fatty and flour products. Through her example she zamatyvala many other young mothers who want to become slim again.

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