Анна Хилькевич поймала домработницу на воровстве

A famous actress was upset, but the police on a woman still to say he did not.

Bad news fans shared recently, the star of the series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich. In his microblog on Instagram the actress said that she was robbed of own housekeeper. What trust people after that!..

Housekeeper Anna was hired a few months ago through a specialized Agency. Polite and tidy lady immediately ingratiated his stellar boss. So, when Anna found out that the housekeeper is experiencing financial difficulties, even agreed to give advances to her and a small prize.

During the work the woman had no complaints, but then the mother of the actress from her purse missing was a large sum of money, according to the last did not want to think of their AU pair. And then decided to make the woman some sort of test…

“I left a small amount in an inconspicuous place, and after a while the money was found. Facts and cameras installed in the apartment speak for themselves – shared with Woman’s Day Anna. — Needless to say, what a disappointment I experienced. We should never lose vigilance. For a nice smile can’t hide is the most honest man…”

Caught red-handed housemaid to deny his guilt did not. When the truth was opened, the woman apologized to the actress and agreed to return the stolen funds. However, only those that were taken during the second missing…

Now many members suggest the actress to write a statement to the police, however, having to go to the police is not in a hurry.

“This whole situation and the already unpleasant. I would not want to complicate it by going to the police and testify. Sure she [the housekeeper] and without burning with shame. And this is the worst punishment, – says Anna. — All the same service recruitment so I was informed. And I hope that soon I will report on the steps that have been taken in connection with the incident”.

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