Anna Khilkevich burst into tears from fear at the wedding a pensioner

Анна Хилькевич разрыдалась от ужаса на свадьбе с пенсионером
The actress was forced to marry.

On the eve of the First channel shown was a new release of the acclaimed show “Stars under hypnosis”. Check for yourself the ability of ISA Bagirov came and Anna Khilkevich. She had to endure on the set of a serious challenge: she was forcibly married to a pensioner.

Anna entered into a state of hypnosis, and then sent to the wedding, suggesting that she can’t leave this solemn event. The boy has Become a man of venerable age. Lee was very confused, as later admitted, did not understand what was happening to her. She also told that she will give a positive answer to the question “do You Agree, Anne?” The result of the experiment has become a new marriage of the actress. At some point, Anna is horrified by what is happening burst into tears.

This show causes heated debate in society. Some people, for example, Garik Kharlamov, of the opinion that the programme “from and to” — statement. Others believe in the skill of hypnosis. Most, however, still doubts, however, on the rating of the TV show is not affected. “Stars under hypnosis”, according to its leader Maxim Galkin, breaking all records in the metrics among the programs of the day.