Anna Khilkevich bought a car, which is like an apartment in Moscow

Анна Хилькевич купила машину, которая стоит, как квартира в Москве
The actress became the owner of a huge jeep.

Photo: Instagram

Star of TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich bought a new car. A huge black SUV is not very suitable little fragile blonde, although statistics show that these girls often choose SUVs.

The fact that the roads of the capital drivers rarely respect the women behind the wheel, especially if they go on colored runabout. Here are some girls and buy a huge black jeeps to other participants of movement with them no more thought. They also say that large SUVs often bought by people with low self-esteem, so as to look more significant in the eyes of others. But it is certainly definitely not about Anna!

“I have no complexes, — says the actress. Just I have a big family, many friends and many things! So in my case size matters. And in this car it is easy to hide from prying eyes.”

Lee chose the largest SUV of the famous Japanese luxury brand. This car has everything you need the driver for a comfortable ride, from power Windows to the most sophisticated stabilization systems and so on. He stands in the basic specification, from 4.4 million rubles. For the money, as rightly noted by someone of Anna’s admirers, you can buy “odnushku” in the city. And only in Moscow or near Moscow “kopeck piece”!