Anna Khilkevich admitted that he was on the verge of divorce with her husband

Анна Хилькевич призналась, что была на грани развода с мужем
The crisis in the relations of the couple happened after the birth of her daughter.

Anna, having recognized that the first months after the birth of their daughter Arianna began for the family ordeal. The fact that the actress almost immediately after birth had to go to work shooting the next season of the series “Univer. New Dorm” couldn’t stop. As a result, the Anna was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the constant lack of sleep and overwork. Which could not affect the relations with her husband Arthur Volkov.

“I remember one time we had a big fight, — says the actress. Arthur came home from work, and I in the children shake the child, for him not to go, and he’s hungry. I ran to the kitchen, quickly prepared something and left again to the child. After some time look: dirty pans are in the sink, on the table is not removed, the husband ate, and that was abandoned. Well me and tore. Pounced on him: “You are no pans to wash? I’m spinning all day with the baby!” Freaked out, threw a chair at him and ran away. Arthur was in shock! Then I cooled down and apologized, “Sorry, please, I’m tired”. I then didn’t sleep at all. Nights cradled the baby, at 8 a.m. took a shower and went to work, where from 9 to 21 hours was filmed. Then came home and was again taken up in “the night shift”. The husband looked somewhat abandoned, began to lose weight, because I don’t have time to cook… Came to him and said, “I’m Sorry…,” Arthur said, “I understand.” But I saw in his eyes the yearning”.

But the relationship still continued to deteriorate, the couple exchanged mutual accusations, arguing that the chasm of misunderstanding just deepened. Both felt that the situation has reached an impasse.

“Arthur himself took the first step towards me: sent me for a messenger job with flowers and a toy monkey, recalls Lee. — The gift had been a card: her husband hand-signed and painted all sorts of signs. There were such tender words… That we with Arianna — the most precious thing he has in life. I read it and immediately called him, wept. And then we have six months of this life as though we only just met, Give each other some gifts, texting, talking on the phone. Relationships are work, they themselves will not improve. Here you need to try both and we try to…”

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